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Romantic hotel Milaan, Rossosegnale Milaan

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New Year's Eve in Milan

Rossosegnale in Milan is a unique accommodation full of design and its own art gallery. The rooms feature antique furniture and design objects. Rossosegnale also has its own garden and roof terrace. The small hotel is located just off the shopping street Corso Buenos Aires, 100 meters from the Loreto metro station. All rooms are individually decorated and have their own theme. A beautiful location and city to greet the new year!

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Do you consider it hard to find a lovely romantic hotel in Europe? Most hotel sites are focused on large-scale hotels. That's easy for them. But you just want stay in a charming hotel where the owner himself receives you and where you really are king as a customer. BoutiqueHotelsInns has made an overview of the most romantic hotels just for you.

BoutiqueHotelsInns has selected the most romantic hotels in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, England, Italy, Spain and more. Most of these small romantic hotels have even been visited by us and are really worth recommending. Enjoy your stay!